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Monday, 2nd August 2010
Movie Review: Inception (2010)
By Kevin Walton

From the director of “The Dark Knight”, Warner Bros. presents “Inception” – The story of Dom Cobb who specialises in entering people’s dreams and stealing information from the deepest recesses of their subconscious minds. It is a skill which has caused him to lose everything and has made him a fugitive. But one last job promises to clear him of all charges and allow him to return to home to his children. However, rather than steal something, the job requires him to do the exact opposite; Inception. Cobb must place an idea into someone’s mind without them realising that he’s done so; they must believe that the idea was their own. However, Cobb and his team are faced with a nemesis who appears to know their every move before they make it; a nemesis that only Cobb can see coming.

This movie is a bit like a hybrid between “The Matrix”, “The Thirteenth Floor” and “Nightmare on Elm Street”. From start to finish, this movie will keep your mind actively thinking constantly; there are so many twists and turns, theories, mathematical equations and puzzles involved. You’ll spend most of the movie trying to keep track of whose dream everyone is in, how many dreams within dreams they’re in, what the difference is in the speed of time between the different dream states and who’s doing what, where and when. It’s a good movie with a very intriguing premise, but it certainly does require your full concentration.

As for Leonardo DiCaprio playing the lead role of “Dom Cobb”, I’ve never been a big fan of his. I tend to watch his movies mostly for the storyline of the movie itself rather than for his role in it. It’s nice to see that he does appear to be showing some maturity at last, but he still seems too young for his role (as he does in most of his movies) and his acting ability is quite dry and shows very little range or depth of emotion. To be honest, the only movie to date that I’ve actually enjoyed watching him in was “Catch Me If You Can” (co-starring Tom Hanks and Christopher Walken).

I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes special effects, fantasy/sci-fi movies with complicated storylines that make you think. If you liked “The Matrix” or “The Thirteenth Floor”, then you’ll like this one.

Check out the trailer on YouTube from my link above.