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Thursday, 29th July 2010
Music Review: "The Google Song" by The Gareth Thomas Band
By Kevin Walton

It’s not often that I have something to say about a particular song or artist, but here is one that has caught my attention. The internet is making big waves in the entertainment industry; first with a new movie coming out soon all about Facebook called “The Social Network” (due for release on 1st October 2010 in the US), and now this – “The Google Song” by The Gareth Thomas Band.

I first heard this song on 91.8 MoreFM this afternoon on my way home from a long day at work. The D.J.’s introduced the song and I thought to myself, “Oh my goodness, here we go!” expecting some kind of weird, comical parody song. I was, however, very pleasantly surprised.

This is a beautiful love song with a catchy melody and a mellow, calming ambiance to it. The lyrics tell the story of a man who enters his name into a Google search engine and finds all these other people who share the same name as him. He refers to them as different versions of himself, but he realises that there is one major difference between him and all these other people; that being that they don’t have “you”, whoever “you” is that the song is being sung to.
One of the nice things about this as a love song is that it has been kept completely generic and can be from anyone to anyone. So if you’re a guy with a special woman in your life, give your local radio station a call and request this song as a dedication to her.
I will definitely be adding this one to my very small, select list of favourites.

Click on the YouTube link above to check it out for yourself.

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Thursday, 29th July 2010
Movie Preview: Sucker Punch (2011)
By Kevin Walton

From the director of “Watchmen” and “300” comes one of the most highly anticipated special effects extravaganza movies of 2011, “Sucker Punch”.

Written by Steve Shibuya and Zack Snyder, and directed by Snyder, “Sucker Punch”, set in the 1950’s, is about a young girl, “Baby Doll” (played by Emily Browning), who has been committed to the Lennox House mental institution where she is to be labotomised as the result of pain caused to her by her evil stepfather.
While there, she creates a whole new alternative reality inside her own mind from which she must escape before she is caught by the story’s villain (played by Jon Hamm). But in order to do that, she must first, with the help of her fellow female inmates (played by Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, Jena Malone and Abbie Cornish), steal five objects.

From watching the trailer and reading the online synopsis’ at, it’s already pretty clear to see the predictability of this movie’s storyline and how it will inevitably draw parallels between Baby Doll’s imaginary alternative reality and the real world of the mental institution where she is being kept. However, that being said, I still think that this is a very interesting premise on which to base a movie, and it looks to be an absolutely incredible special effects, creature creation, action packed extravaganza!
And let’s face it, a bunch of the hottest women that Hollywood has to offer running around in skimpy outfits, kicking butt and cracking skull with an extensive arsenal of weapons and martial arts... it just doesn’t get better than that!

Due for release 25th March 2011, I am really looking forward to seeing this one!

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Monday, 5th July 2010
Share a little, share a lot
By Debrin Foxcroft

Someone once said that a blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from change the world to share your shopping list.
This person, of course, hadn’t yet heard of Twitter.
But as the world of technology demands you say anything of value in 169 characters or less, what has become of the blog, the original source for online diatribes of presidents and mothers?
Well, obviously, as you can see, blogs are still out there. In 2005 the general estimate for the number of blogs online was 70 million. Five years on and that figure is believed to be well over 100 million. (It seems that people have just stopped counting).
To be sure, not all of those 100 million + blogs are worth reading. There is a blog titled: blogs are stupid (that’s a sure-fire winner). Or the one that asks the all-important question: do music blogs go to heaven or hell? But some blogs out there are little gems; opportunities to share an experience, rant about something that has upset you or entertain with a picture of your cat doing the hula. The video will, of course, go on Youtube.
So why, with Facebook, Twitter and all other technological outlets do blogs still matter? Why are we still pouring our little hearts out for the rest of the world to see?
Well, the answer is simple, really. We all like to think we have something worthwhile to contribute.
But blogs, over the other forms of online verbal diarrhea, allow us to have an opinion that anyone can see. Yes, folks. Anyone. Facebook has security and Twitter requires subscription but blogging, in all its glory, can be googled.
So have an opinion. Share it. On a blog it wont just be your mother letting you know she cares, it could be the guy from across the road or the girl from the other side of the planet. They might just tell you that you are a nob. But you might find that the person that responds to your blog entry understands and can share in your joy, commiserate with your pain.
This is when the online community becomes just that - a community.

And that, my friends, is why blogging is still so cool.

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Thursday, 1st July 2010
Movie Review: The Karate Kid (2010)
By Kevin Walton
7 / 10

For those of you who haven't seen this movie yet, WARNING: this review contains spoilers.

This movie is very much a remake of the original "Karate Kid" movie. A very similar story line; boy, Dre Parker (Jaden Smith (the son of Will Smith who also just happens to be one of the movies producers)) is up-rooted from this home and moves to a strange new land because of his mother's job. Boy meets girl, Meiying (Han Wen Wen) which then results in a conflict with the local bully, Cheng (Zhenwei Wang).

Even many of the key shots that defined key scenes of the movie were replicated from the original movie. The arrival at the new appartment and the first meeting with the janitor, Mr Han (Jackie Chan). The discovery of the martial arts dojo and the look that Cheng gives him from across the dojo is the same look that Johnny Lawrence gave Daniel Larusso in the original. Even the mantra that the students chant is the same - No weakness! No pain! No mercy! Dre pouring a bucket of water over Cheng and the ensuing pursuit which results in Dre having his butt handed to him until Mr Han comes along and saves the day by taking down Cheng and his entire gang. The scene where Dre and Mr Han go to the dojo to try to make peace was an almost exact duplicate of the original movie right down to the dialogue, line for line. Even the tournament was the same, with the same corrupt tactics used to try and take Dre out of the competition, the same discussion in the changing room and Mr Han's special quick-healing magic followed by a heroic, wounded Dre returning to finish the fight.

I'm just glad that this movie didn't have Dre painting fences and sanding floors. While, like Mr Miyagi, Mr Han had all his own drab and repetitive tasks to train Dre's body to move in particular ways, it was a refreshing break from the original movie to see some new techniques being used. There were also a few other minor differences in the storyline that managed to give this movie a flavour of its own.

What this version of the movie lacked however, which the original had, was that one all defining signature move that all the kids who saw the movie went home and tried to perfect in their own bedrooms (ie., the Crane technique). Unless you count trying to stare down a King Cobra as something to try at home, this movie lacks that special "hook" that the original was so famous for.

The move that Dre does win the tournament with in this version of the movie is very clearly and obviously done on a wire rig which is not pulled off very convincingly. While the Crane technique from the original movie might not have been as flash as Dre's move, it was far more credible and something that kids could quite safely try at home. Kids, try Dre's move in your bedroom at home and you'll most likely end up in hospital with a broken neck.

Other than that, the only thing that really grated against me with this movie was the title, "The Karate Kid". There is no Karate in this movie. Karate is a martial art developed by the Japanese. This movie, however, was based in China. The martial art that was used in this movie was Kung Fu, and the movie makes no attempt what-so-ever to hide this fact. This movie, therefore, should have been more appropriately named "The Kung Fu Kid".
With such a title it would still have fit well into the original franchise, and the writers would have had more freedom to make this movie it's own without trying to replicate the original.

On the whole however, this is a good movie which will appeal well to the current generation and generate a similar cult following that the original had in the 1980's.

Interesting piece of trivia from The International Movie Database (
The style of Kung Fu that the woman standing on the dragon's head is practicing (at the temple, before the dragon well) is Crane Style Kung Fu. Practitioners of this style are very adept at balancing on one foot, as a crane does. It is interesting to note that she is controlling a cobra (likely in the same style as a snake charmer). This could possibly be a nod to the original in which Daniel defeated a member of the Cobra Kai dojo by using the "Crane technique".

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Thursday, 1st July 2010
The Mighty Blog - Official Launch
By Kevin Walton

Welcome one and all to The Mighty Blog website.
I am proud to announce that this site is now fully active with a live blog database and is now officially launched for online publication.

So, what is this site all about?
Well, I have created this site purely to give myself a voice to the open public about any number of issues and topics. These may be anything from general musings about life, the universe and everything, to in-depth game, movie and product reviews.

My personal interests gear towards anything of a technological nature. I hold a Diploma in 3D Computer Animation from Media Design School, New Zealand. I also have a Level 5 New Zealand National Certificate in Adult Education and Training, and a Level 5 New Zealand National Certificate in Adult Numeracy and Literacy Education (Vocational).
I have spent the last 6 years teaching adult students in various tertiary institutes around Auckland, New Zealand on a range of different courses such as Digital Animation, Audio / Video for Web, Computing and Multimedia.

Occasionally I get heated under the collar about a pressing political or current affairs issue and I will use this site to express my opinion on it. However, this is quite a rare occurance for me and I'm not usually very big on politics and current affairs in general.

This is where Debrin Foxcroft comes in. A close, personal family friend, Debrin is a well travelled, highly qualified journalist. I'm sure she'll correct me if I get her actual qualifications wrong - she has a Masters in Photo-Journalism from The University of Missouri, USA and is now studying for her PhD in Journalism at Waikato University, New Zealand. She also has approximately 2 years professional experience as a published journalist for "The Aucklander" and "The New Zealand Herald".
She has very strong views and opinions on many of the biggest issues facing our world today and she is all too keen and eager to take advantage of this platform to express them to you here.

It is my hope that, between Debrin and myself, we might be able to reach out and appeal to the interests of a very broad and diverse section of the global community.

There is still much development to be done to the site in order to add many new functionality features for both bloggers (myself and Debrin) and viewers. These will hopefully get done slowly and gradually over the next few weeks as I find snippets of time here and there to work on it.
As it stands, Debrin and I are now able to unleash our thoughts and options upon the world by posting new blogs.
You, the viewer, are able to sign up an account on the site. As a verified user of the site you will have the option to recieve e-mail notifications about any new posts that are made on the site. Soon, functionality will also be added for verified users to comment on our posts, give posts a 1-10 rating and vote on important issues.

Debrin and I both look forward to sharing our minds with you and we sincerely hope that you will find great value in the things we each have to say.

In the mean time, although the numbers and statistics are now 1½ years old, I found the video at the top of this blog entry to be some really amazing food for thought. We really are living in a digital age.

Occasionally you will see a still image or a YouTube video or both embedded at the top of a blog entry like this. To play a video clip, just click on it. Want to see it bigger? Click on it again while it's playing and you will be taken straight to the original clip on the YouTube website.

God bless you.

Watch this space...

P.S. - Unfortunately, websites do cost money to run. So please, please, PLEASE click on all the Google Ads that you see so that I might get a little back. Thanks.

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