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Monday, 5th July 2010
Share a little, share a lot
By Debrin Foxcroft

Someone once said that a blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from change the world to share your shopping list.
This person, of course, hadn’t yet heard of Twitter.
But as the world of technology demands you say anything of value in 169 characters or less, what has become of the blog, the original source for online diatribes of presidents and mothers?
Well, obviously, as you can see, blogs are still out there. In 2005 the general estimate for the number of blogs online was 70 million. Five years on and that figure is believed to be well over 100 million. (It seems that people have just stopped counting).
To be sure, not all of those 100 million + blogs are worth reading. There is a blog titled: blogs are stupid (that’s a sure-fire winner). Or the one that asks the all-important question: do music blogs go to heaven or hell? But some blogs out there are little gems; opportunities to share an experience, rant about something that has upset you or entertain with a picture of your cat doing the hula. The video will, of course, go on Youtube.
So why, with Facebook, Twitter and all other technological outlets do blogs still matter? Why are we still pouring our little hearts out for the rest of the world to see?
Well, the answer is simple, really. We all like to think we have something worthwhile to contribute.
But blogs, over the other forms of online verbal diarrhea, allow us to have an opinion that anyone can see. Yes, folks. Anyone. Facebook has security and Twitter requires subscription but blogging, in all its glory, can be googled.
So have an opinion. Share it. On a blog it wont just be your mother letting you know she cares, it could be the guy from across the road or the girl from the other side of the planet. They might just tell you that you are a nob. But you might find that the person that responds to your blog entry understands and can share in your joy, commiserate with your pain.
This is when the online community becomes just that - a community.

And that, my friends, is why blogging is still so cool.

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